Interview of Samanta Snidaro, SAND & BIRCH DESIGN

 In a few lines can introduce your company? Created by whom, since when ?

– The company was created by Andrea Fino and Samanta Snidaro in 2003. We are a small company with passion for innovation, new materials and sustainability. From the beginning our market has been the luxury market and concept design field. We have had a lot of experience in creating unique objects for various markets and international clients.

How was this idea born? And how long will it take to realize this object ?

– We intended to redefine the idea of the already existing wine cellar giving it a touch of the future. We created a totally different shape from the traditional wine cellar and added unique technological features to our object. Opale has had a big success on the luxury market and we had a lot of interest from private clients.

Are there countries with more enthusiasm for this object ?

– We have had interest from various different countries and markets. However, the ones that were the most enthusiastic about the object were Russia, Ukraine and the USA.

Can you tell us few words about the different models of opale winecellar and price range ?

– OPALE is a unique object and there is only one model of it. The price varies from 29 000 to 39 000 euros depending on the different accessories.

– What is your vision for the future?

– Opale has conquered a very big piece of the wine cellar market and we are developing a new model at the moment, called Hyper. I don’t want to reveal more now, however, it will be on the market by the end of the year. We believe there are many different interesting things happening in the design world and we are developing a lot of ideas for the near future. We are building a big team of young designers to improve the future of European design style.

Thank you.

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